Health Logistics

In 2009, ELMED launched the international hospital logistics project. The objectives of the project concentrate primarily on management of the transport of medicines, on tracking and tracing, and on warehouse and stock management.

The working group’s first meeting was held at the Sanofi Aventis research institute in Montpellier in 2009, and was attended by Italian, French and Spanish experts:

– France = Roland Dachs, Francois Biches, …

– Spain = Jose Estrada, …

– Italy = Domenico Netti (president of AILOG), Armando Monte (Polytechnic University of Turin), Paolo Bordignon (logistics operator), Sara Giordano (engineer at Gradenigo Hospital of Turin), Alessandra Rabuini (…).

The members of the working group have made the commitment to research and find efficient solutions for the transport of medicines and stock tracking and management. In 2011, the working group met in Turin to continue their research on the various projects.