In 2008, ELMED (European Logistics Mediterranean) was established to pursue the goal of creating synergies and working relationships between companies from all over the world that develop productive trading and service relationships with companies in the Mediterranean countries.
On 7 February 2008, ASLOG, AILOG and CEL, the national logistics associations of France, Italy and Spain, respectively, announced the start of this international collaboration aimed at logistics growth in the Mediterranean area, which is the overriding factor in increasing trade in goods and services with other countries around the world.
The purpose of this synergy is to provide support to businesses that operate in the Mediterranean area in the form of advanced logistics systems, facilities and structures.
This virtuous partnership operates under the name ELMED (European Logistics Mediterranean).
The founding members, who are still part of the Board of ELMED, are:

– Roland Dachs = Past President of ASLOG;

– Domenico Netti = Past President of AILOG;

–  Jose Estrada = Managing Director of CEL.