Organizational Structure

ELMED’s organisational structure consists of the General Assembly of Shareholders and the Board.
The General Assembly is composed of the founding members, honorary members, full members and affiliate members.
It meets at least once a year to define the Association’s guidelines.

General Assembly
The General Assembly comprises all members of the Association. It meets each year in May at the office in Castries or in any other location specified in the notice convening the meeting. The General Assembly is classified as extraordinary when the decisions concern the amendment of the articles of association; in all other cases it is ordinary.

Board of Directors and Presidency
The Board of Directors comprises between three and, at most, six members.
The Board members are appointed for three years during the General Assembly and may be reappointed.
The office of President is held for a three-year period by a representative of the Board members, in the following order: France, Italy, Spain and Greece, with the possibility of openings for other Board members from countries in the Mediterranean area.

The Members
The honorary members are, by majority decision of the Board, natural persons who have rendered services to the Association. These are exempt from financial contributions.
The active members are the natural or legal persons who pay regular financial contributions in support of the Association’s objectives, or who actively participate in ELMED’s projects or sponsor them.

All members, except for honorary members, are required to pay the annual membership fee. Failure to pay the membership fee automatically leads to loss of qualification for ELMED membership.